Eastern Economic Corridor Smart City (EEC-New city)

What is Eastern Economic Corridor Smart City (EEC-New city) .

Specifically, the EEC Business Center & Livable Smart City Project was approved by the Thai cabinet on 20th December 2022. It is one of mega-projects arising from the government’s policy to develop a regional business and financial center that meets international standards in the EEC area

as well as to build the city that will become one of the world’s top 10 livable smart cities and can then be used as the national model of smart livable cities for the development of new cities across the country. The EECO is certain that the project will help spreading prosperity into the region, developing the area into a business city alongside Bangkok, facilitating a business ecosystem that combines nature, innovation and technology, creating a city of the future that supports lifestyles and the works of the new generation. Expectedly, at least 200,000 direct jobs and their respective employment value of over 1.2 trillion baht are to be created. Housings for all groups of people will be provided at an affordable price, enabling people to move in to settle in the livable smart city.

Location of EEC smart City

Banglamung , Pattaya (along 331 highway)


The area was divided into zones according to 5+1 main business clusters, consisting of;
1.    Regional HQs & Governmental Complex
2.    Financial Center
3.    Precision Medicine Center
4.    International Education -R&D Center
5.    Future Businesses Center
6.    High Quality Residences & Smart Affordable Housing

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